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Used denim and other clothing plus footwear from top manufacturers and department stores. A good selection of styles and sizes are available, including store returns. loads may contain used merchandise. Shirts, dresses, rompers, shorts, pants, jeans, outfits, footwear, and more.

We ship directly from the Department Store Reclamation Centers to you!
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Used Clothing Merchandise: Mixed winter clothing grade "A"+B, for men, women and children's in bales of 1000 Lbs 42,000 Lbs. Your cost is as low as $0.40 per lb. ungraded clothing.

Used Jeans: Mixed brands denim jeans grade "A" as low as $1.40 ea We are very well known as THE HOME of THE GRADE "A" JEANS. Only $1.40 ea. for men and, mixed brands with NO holes and NO tears, packed in bales of 100 Jeans = 150 Lbs per bale from $1.40 each to $2.40 each.

Used Jeans - Levi's: Levi Strauss used grade "A" quality with no holes and no tears. Our Levi's are sold mixed, all styles from Series 500, 900, and Silver Tabs. Priced from $5.95 to $8.95 ea

Used Clothing Merchandise: Ungraded = Credential Mixed Clothing: A mixture of Men, Women and Children, including approx 80% Summer and approx 20% Winter Clothing in Bales of 1000 Lbs 42,000 Lbs Your cost is as low as $0.30/lb ungraded.

Used Clothing: A huge selection of mixed men's, women's, and children's clothing sold by the bale. Bales are made into 1000 lb. bales. Your cost is as low as $0.35 per lb. Minimum order is approx. 20,000 lb. (20' container). FOB Texas.

discount used apparel
wholesale used apparel
discount used apparel

Recycled Brand Name Denim: Huge selection of used brand name men's and women's denim. May contain assorted of brand name such as: AG, American Eagle, Anchore Blue, Baccini, Belle Sport, Blue Asphalt, Calvin Klien, Cherokee, Circo, Cooper Key, Culture, DKNY, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Gloria Vanderbilt, Guess, Haba Jeans, High Sierra, Hillard & Hanson, Hollister, Hydraulic, J Crew, J.Jill, KBJeams, Kenneth Cole, Lee, Legendary Gold, Lei, Levi's, Limited Too, Liz Clairborne, London Jean, Luella, Michael Kors, Mossimo, Mudd, New York Jeans, Old Navy, Paper Denim & Cloth, Paris Blues, Quicksilver, Ralph Lauren, Rampage, Refuge, Riders, Route 66, Seven 7, Smith's, SO Stretch, Sonoma, Style & co, Venezia, Volcom, Wet Seal and more. Each pallet contains 400 pairs. Your cost is as low as $3.50 per pair. FOB CA. Best Value!

closeout used apparel
wholesale used apparel
wholesale used apparel

Used Clothing Merchandise: Mixed summer clothing grade "A" for men and women. As low as $0.65 per lb. Packed in bales of 100 Lbs.

Used Sweaters: Merchandise grade "A"+"B", for men and women, in bales of 1,000 Lbs. Cost: 10,000 Lbs x $0.45 per lb.

Used Grade "A" Children's Clothing: Children Clothing Grade "A". Summer / Tropical Clothing for Children's from size 0 to size 12 in bales of 100 Lbs. Your cost is as low as $1.10 per lb - Min. Order 3,000 Lbs Max 10,000 lbs p/order

Premium Assorted Branded Used Summer Clothing: An assortment of mixed men's, women's, and children's clothing. Load may contain a huge selection of shirts, pants, tops, denim, skirts, and more. Each gaylord contains approximately 2500 pieces. Minimum order is 1 pallet (1000 pieces). Your cost is as low as $1.25 per piece. ($1250 per pallet.) FOB. Florida.

discount used apparel
discount used apparel
closeout used apparel

Used Children's Grade "A" Jeans: Childrens grade "A" jeans. You won't believe our offers of children's clothing and jeans in grade "A" quality with NO holes, NO tears and NO damages! Your cost is as low as $1.10 per pound. Minimum order 3,000 Lbs.

Premium Used Merchandise: "AAA" quality, mixed summer clothing, for men and women, packed in bales of 100 lb Your cost is as low as $2.50 per lb. Also offered mixed with our Quality "AA", your cost is as low as $1.15 per lb.

Mixed Used Shoes: A mixture of men's, women's, and children's shoes and athletic footwear. All pairs - no singles. Huge variety of styles colors and sizes. Your cost is $1.65 per lb. Minimum order is 20ft container.

discount used apparel
closeout used apparel
wholesale used apparel

Used Clothing: An assortment of men's, women's, and children's. Summer or fall available. Huge selection of items: shirts, pants, shorts, tops, and much more. Grade "A", no waste. Each bale is 100 lb, and contains some 250 pieces. Your cost is $240 per bale (100 lb), approximately $0.95 per piece. FOB Florida.

Used Grade "C" Jeans: This quality has holes, tears, and has damages. Your cost is as low as $0.45 ea.

Used Shoes Merchandise: Good grade used shoes mixed for men, women, and children, all paired. Priced approximately 10,000 Lbs as low as $1.50 per lb.

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1 Wholesale Clothing carries bulk loads of clothing and apparel which contain a combination of salvage merchandise, store returns & and may contain some overstock clothing, unless otherwise noted. Most merchandise is sold by the truckloads, pallets and by bulk loads (no wholesale value, percentages or piece count given). Price and merchandise availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact us today for current inventory. Images serve only to illustrate and may not match merchandise.

1 Wholesale Clothing offers a lowest price guarantee on all its products: Call or fax us the any written proposal for department store returns by our competitors and we will beat it! Please call for details.